Iksarra Linguistika

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Not only do I enjoy creating new languages (which has been a more recent endeavour in any case), I also like to get creative in terms of how a languages looks and so I like to play around with creating new alphabets and writing systems. The very first alphabet that I created was intended solely to be used as an alternative to the Latin alphabet for writing in English so as to serve as something of a secret code between myself and another. Since the invention of this script in 2010, I have created 7 more which have been recorded and two of the total 8 have been converted into fonts that can be used on computers.

To find out about more about the scripts, click on the following links

  • Jorrindrae
  • Steyg├╝e

As of yet, only two scripts are currently published. Watch this space for more!

Robert Varty

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