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The Thalic Language Family is comprised of languages spoken by a combined estimated total of more than three billion people on four continents. The largest group of current languages belongs to the Eastern Thalic group which alone contains 11 of the 12 modern languages of the Thalic Family. 

The oldest language is Thalutian which is long since exctinct although it has one modern derivative, Lower Thalutian. The use of this language is mostly restricted to the continent of Arka. Specifically it is spoken in East Arka, Hurro, Likari, New Likari and Grennar.

More information about:

  • Thalutian
  • Lower Thalutian

Thalúka Teroperhatt

Thalúkir Teroperhu

At Taluunut Törkeron

Pelusdelium Dalus

Berumterius Tarum

Det Tarun Tork-Irin 

De Tahalum Torelim

An Eléo-elius Talus

Un Tholterion Thairen

Tayár Al-Taloran

Thayavumba Utharulisi

Ott Täelun Dörð Erýr

Thalic Family Tree Key

  • Capitalised name: family group/subgroup
  • Highlighted in red: extinct languages.
  • Highlighted in green: modern languages.

Thalutian, Upper Thalutian, Middle Thalutian, Lentonian, Craton, Old Ikerian, Endessu, Norundi, Alkoni, Blethu, Rasophi and Old Alinian.

Lower Thalutian, Aviss, Estann, Kullon, Ulean, Ikerian, Koyan, Fayarun, Ekhuru, Hayil, Solen and Alinian.

The translations of 'The Thalic Language Family' in the middle of the page are in the following languages and order:
Thalutian, Lower Thalutian, Kullon, Aviss, Estann, Hayil, Solen, Ulean, Ikerian, Fayarun, Ekhuru and Alinian.